• Can speak six languages – Chinese, Taiwanese, Cantonese, English, Korean, and Japanese

• Can speak Chinese; is learning how to write

• Won many awards for violin, piano, and dance

+His nickname is Mochi, because his chubby cheeks look like mochi balls

+Is the youngest member of Super Junior-M

• Learned 11 years of violin, 6 years of ballet, and joined competitions after learning 1 year of breaking

+16 year-old, Toronto’s Henry Lau, achieved great results for his level 10 violin exam at The Royal Conservatory of Music. He received a silver medal and the award ceremony will be held on the 27th.

+Henry’s mother introduced yesterday that all three of her children is learning the violin. Henry is the second child and has started learning the violin since 6 years old.

+He obtained a score of 95 for his violin exam in January. He also received a silver medal as an achievement for level 10.

+Henry, who loves the violin, is also learning the piano. He has also passed level 10 for piano. He is currently learning dance due to his love for performing.

+He has also performed at charities in the Chinese community.

+Henry’s mother explained that for Henry to achieve such a good score, talents, hobbies, the teacher is very important. The teacher is especially important once you reach the high levels.

+His role model is Andy Lau and Super Junior member Lee Donghae

+Ever since the only 13 campaign, Han Geng (leader) is especially overprotective of Henry

+Bathe the least in SJM because he is always training until late at night

+Hates long hair styles

+His parents are said to have a very successful business back in Canada

+His grandparents on his dad side are considered wealthy in Hong Kong

+Henry doesn’t know how to swim

+The other members often make fun of his white soft skin.

+Cannot eat spicy food

+Loves lycee especially the ones from Thailand. While there he often stole lycee from the others.

+He drinks tea every morning because his mom once told him to drink tea daily